10 Ways to Brighten Your Home and Mood in Winter

bright pillowsWinter. Whether you are stuck with rain or snow it is GRAY.  You want sunshine, and there is none to be found.  There are ways to brighten your home and your mood in the winter.  Here are 10 examples:

  1. If there happens to be any sun, open all your drapes and shades as wide as they can go during the day. Make sure your windows are clean so you get all the sunshine you can!
  2. plantsDe-clutter especially if you have lots of dark colors in your home.  Create space. It makes your rooms feel more open.
  3. Buy or make some new throw pillows with colors that are bright. Think yellow, pink, blue and green.  Pick colors that will match your decor and add a pop of color. Or get some bright new throws that will keep you warm and brighten a space at the same time.
  4. Fresh flowers in the kitchen and bathrooms are always a pick-me-up. You could also bring in some plants.
  5. mirrorIf your bedspread or quilt is dark, winter is a great time to think bright instead.  There are a ton of white sales in January, and you could take advantage of them.
  6. Some strategically placed mirrors can also create space and light.
  7. Switch to LED lights in your home. The light is beautiful and although they cost more, they last much longer than regular bulbs.
  8. If you have a fireplace, use it.  Fireplaces often create a peaceful feeling.
  9. If you can paint, paint white. White paint opens and brightens a room fast.
  10. And finally bring in a few more lights if you can.  Light is what you want so perhaps add some more table lamps or floor lamps and make sure all of your light fixtures are clean so they shine brightly.