A Bag a Day

a bag a dayMuch has been written on decluttering by doing a bag a day. It is a great way to get started if you are having an issue with clutter.  Once you get a big pile we are more than happy to come and get it for you. We can assist with doing the job as well. Call for a price quote.

To get started with the bag a day idea you need to pick a spot. Perhaps organize and declutter one dresser.  You will find it much easier if you break things down into small manageable places, and you only do a bag a day.

Ideas to start you off:

closet or closet shelf
linen closet
under the kitchen sink  or bathroom sink
one cupboard at a time in the kitchen
the junk drawer

Larger spaces you might want to call us. Is the cellar full? Perhaps a couch that could come out of there and clear up some space?  Cellars and attics can be scary, but remember you are doing A BAG A DAY. Set aside what you need us to pick up as you go. We can also help you with consignment items.