Cleaning out the Clutter

Get OrganizedWill it stay or will it go? Some great questions to ask yourself…

  • Do we use it? Do we wear it or do we play with it?  (For clothing a very simple way to find out if you wear it or not is to turn all your hangers around. Whatever is not turned back around by the end of the year is donated to someone who can use it) Which leads us right into #2
  • Could someone else use it more? (Or does it have sentimental value?)
  • Does the thing work? And if it works, do we use it?
  • Does it make our lives easier in some way?

After you answer those questions decide if the item should stay in the room it is in or if it should be elsewhere. Simple categories: Stay, Donate, Storage, Throw away.

And REMEMBER only do a little at a time. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. If you find you are going to get overwhelmed no matter what, please give us  a call, and we will help you through it. : )