A place for everything, and everything in its place

untitledI have a girlfriend who has a place for everything. If it doesn’t have a place it is in a box that is waiting to be filled up so that it can be donated.

Know how much time many people spend looking for something they misplaced? 10 minutes a day. TEN MINUTES A DAY. That means 3,650 minutes a year, 60 hours a year is spent searching for something – 177 days of the average lifetime looking for something misplaced.

My girlfriend says she has a lot of other things she would rather be doing for those 177 days so everything goes where it belongs. If it doesn’t have a spot in the house it doesn’t get to stay.

So start small-one drawer-socks. Are only socks in there? And of those socks are there some at the bottom that really need to leave the house? Some that never get worn because they are too tight or too awful to look at? Kick them out. Start a box of things that are leaving.

Decluttering can be very freeing. Gives you more time to sit in the sun, enjoy a hike, be with friends. Cleaning the house is that much faster because a pile of clutter is not sitting on the kitchen counter mocking you. Frankly once many of us get through that pile of clutter we don’t want to do anymore. That was just plenty. Thank you!

The top 10 things people misplace the most:
1.Cell phone
2. house keys
3. car keys
4. paperwork
5. eye glasses/sunglasses
6. purse/wallet
7. lip balm
8. hair brush
9. gloves
10. clothing

So here’s to saving 10 minutes a day…roughly 177 days of your life. And if even the sock drawer is too much, start by putting your cell phone in the same place every day. They say it takes 2 weeks to form a habit. 14 days of you putting your cell phone in the same place every day. Up for the challenge?