Spring Cleaning

canstock20047315Yes, I know it is 6 degrees out there, and we are waiting for Spring, but what a perfect time to be trapped inside with the opportunity to begin sorting out the clutter. I am not a fan of clutter other than I LOVE to get in there and organize it all. You have to decide what you use, what you love, what you are keeping because someone gave it to you and why you are keeping something at all.

Some super simple things to get rid of right now: magazines and newspapers. If you are saving a particular recipe or photo form a magazine. Tear that page out and start a folder or copy the recipe to a card, and get it in the recipe box. Everything else goes in the recycle bin.

Toss old medications. Most of them have an expiration date. If they don’t, I start wondering how old they REALLY are. 🙂 Also throw out old makeup, and if the linen closet is nearby why not tackle a shelf? If you have an hour, tackle the whole thing.  What in there do you really need?  Maybe threadbare towels can be let go. Or those flannel sheets you thought you would love but NEVER use. An organized linen closet is right up there with a clean sink. FEELS GOOD.

Your collection of coffee mugs could be huge. I know mine was, but I always grab the same ones. They are my favorites. Decide your favorites-maybe one for every day of the week-and if there is more than one of you, one each day of the week for that person too. Or for that third person…and once you hit 21 mugs do you really need anymore?

Head to the bottom of the closet. See any old shoes you never wear? Shoes that pinch and hurt your feet?  Toss them in a bag and donate them.

Go through a nightstand drawer. For some reason these collect a lot of oddball things I bet you forgot you had.

Get rid of all the odd storage containers you are saving. Use glass tupperware instead. Glass can go in the microwave. Glass lets you see what is in the container. You do not need to put all those oddball nails in a margarine container-now you have to label it. And once that cabinet is cleaned out, wipe it down and restock it so you can see everything. If you can’t see it easily, you may have too much.

For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned. ~ Benjamin Franklin

A place for everything, and everything in its place

untitledI have a girlfriend who has a place for everything. If it doesn’t have a place it is in a box that is waiting to be filled up so that it can be donated.

Know how much time many people spend looking for something they misplaced? 10 minutes a day. TEN MINUTES A DAY. That means 3,650 minutes a year, 60 hours a year is spent searching for something – 177 days of the average lifetime looking for something misplaced.

My girlfriend says she has a lot of other things she would rather be doing for those 177 days so everything goes where it belongs. If it doesn’t have a spot in the house it doesn’t get to stay.

So start small-one drawer-socks. Are only socks in there? And of those socks are there some at the bottom that really need to leave the house? Some that never get worn because they are too tight or too awful to look at? Kick them out. Start a box of things that are leaving.

Decluttering can be very freeing. Gives you more time to sit in the sun, enjoy a hike, be with friends. Cleaning the house is that much faster because a pile of clutter is not sitting on the kitchen counter mocking you. Frankly once many of us get through that pile of clutter we don’t want to do anymore. That was just plenty. Thank you!

The top 10 things people misplace the most:
1.Cell phone
2. house keys
3. car keys
4. paperwork
5. eye glasses/sunglasses
6. purse/wallet
7. lip balm
8. hair brush
9. gloves
10. clothing

So here’s to saving 10 minutes a day…roughly 177 days of your life. And if even the sock drawer is too much, start by putting your cell phone in the same place every day. They say it takes 2 weeks to form a habit. 14 days of you putting your cell phone in the same place every day. Up for the challenge?

Cleaning out the Clutter

Get OrganizedWill it stay or will it go? Some great questions to ask yourself…

  • Do we use it? Do we wear it or do we play with it?  (For clothing a very simple way to find out if you wear it or not is to turn all your hangers around. Whatever is not turned back around by the end of the year is donated to someone who can use it) Which leads us right into #2
  • Could someone else use it more? (Or does it have sentimental value?)
  • Does the thing work? And if it works, do we use it?
  • Does it make our lives easier in some way?

After you answer those questions decide if the item should stay in the room it is in or if it should be elsewhere. Simple categories: Stay, Donate, Storage, Throw away.

And REMEMBER only do a little at a time. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. If you find you are going to get overwhelmed no matter what, please give us  a call, and we will help you through it. : )