When you move….

order and chaosFunny thing when you move, and you start to unpack all the boxes (or not!), you might discover you don’t need all that stuff.  Kitchen cabinets are in different places and different sizes. Do I REALLY need 3 pizza stones? The collection of angels that I have dusted for years I am now bored with. I will tell you it is a weird thought for me to look at something I have had FOREVER and come to realize I have outgrown it. Hanging pictures and photos I realize I am tired of them too.

I go through genres of books so am I really going to read all the poetry books I have had since 14? The answer is no. I haven’t read them in 20 years, and I will not read them now. I tried, to but  they no longer apply to my life.

I tell you it is very freeing.

And after trying the thing in the closet where you turn around all the hangers and face them out backwards, and after one year you only get to KEEP the ones that got turned around again..BANG! That article was right. I really do only wear about 20% of my clothes. The rest need to go. They just make everything wrinkle up because the closet is packed.  Well, it was packed. Not any more. 🙂

Try just an hour 3 times a week. Examine a room. I know the sentimental stuff is tough, but I was pleasantly surprised that there is stuff that isn’t sentimental. It came as a shock really. I always pictured myself caring about everything that touched my life. That is actually not so. Some things serve a purpose for a time, and then it is WAY COOL to recognize that purpose has come to an end.

I actually can find almost everything in my home now. That is also incredibly freeing.

Martha Stewart’s Spring Clean Check List

CLICK HERE for the check list and don’t forget the yard!Homekeeping Handbook

Do a little at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed. It is amazing how you will feel once you have a lot of this done. And remember-you don’t have to KEEP everything. Some things can go. If holding a garage sale or the thought of having to take stuff to Goodwill is holding you back call me. We will come and take everything away for you at a reasonable price.