Finding Pleasure in what you own.

blue willow plateI was reading a great article the other day about only keeping things that bring you joy.  Once you start you can figure it out. My  LIGHT BULB moment was when I found dark blue 9×9 glass baking dishes at the grocery store. I have a blue willow print on my dishes. LOVE THEM. I touched these blue baking dishes at the store and LOVED them. So for me it was the blue. I now cook more often because those dishes give me pleasure.

Don’t keep things that don’t make you happy.  You are keeping it because someone gave it to you, and you feel you need to keep it.  I wish I had a special closet to put this stuff in, and when that person was coming over I would go to the closet, get out the stuff that person gave me, and put it in my living space. Problem solved. Unfortunately I don’t have that much closet space.

I promise once you start you will be able to continue, and you will get better at it. 🙂