Spring Clean up

Spring Cleanup
I know you feel it. I feel it too. It is finally getting warmer. March 20th is the first day of Spring. I cannot wait. This winter has been forever. Cleaning in the Spring revitalizes me.  If you are starting your spring Cleaning start a section that I will come get for you. It is the section of boxes and bags of stuff you are letting go. We are reasonably priced and happy to come and pick up stuff for you. We donate what we can through the proper channels. Think CLEAN SPRING March 20th.

Finding Pleasure in what you own.

blue willow plateI was reading a great article the other day about only keeping things that bring you joy.  Once you start you can figure it out. My  LIGHT BULB moment was when I found dark blue 9×9 glass baking dishes at the grocery store. I have a blue willow print on my dishes. LOVE THEM. I touched these blue baking dishes at the store and LOVED them. So for me it was the blue. I now cook more often because those dishes give me pleasure.

Don’t keep things that don’t make you happy.  You are keeping it because someone gave it to you, and you feel you need to keep it.  I wish I had a special closet to put this stuff in, and when that person was coming over I would go to the closet, get out the stuff that person gave me, and put it in my living space. Problem solved. Unfortunately I don’t have that much closet space.

I promise once you start you will be able to continue, and you will get better at it. 🙂


Organize the Garage Part 2

Garage OrganizationSo now everything is out of the garage. We have put up the shelves we have, and we have purchased some clear containers to store items.   Some things to think about:

1. If your kids are going to be using something all the time find a spot for it. Even if it is just a space for their bikes and a basket or box to put the helmets in.  For balls I vote for the bungee cord trick. Very simple to put together and very simple for the balls to be put away for kids. If there are roller blades and hockey sticks we need a box. And on the shelves use smaller clear plastic containers so they can see what is in them.

2. Keep your tools all in the same place. Find a spot. If you can do a rack on the wall even better. Store nails and screws with like nails and screws. It will save you a ton of time.

3. Hang up beach chairs and umbrellas close to the ceiling. Unless you live at the beach you don’t need them very often.

4. Make or buy a tool rack for rakes and shovels-anything with a long handle. It will change your life.

5. Store like items in your plastic boxes. Keep what you need most at chest height. Things you don’t need often should go higher.

6. Keep all your gardening stuff oin one spot. I usually just keep all the small things in my weed bucket that I drag around the yard while weeding. It is amazing how fast you can get out the door if everything is already in a bucket.

7. Stackable bins for recyclables by the door is a great idea.

8. Having a small stool or step ladder in easy reach will help everyone.

Garage Ceiling Storage9. Shelving that does not conflict with the garage door is tremendous. Put things you don’t need very often on shelves attached to the ceiling.