When people ask you what you want for a gift…

Pretty HangersGifts cause clutter. Unless they are things you really need and want, gifts are sentimental guilt. I have started asking for things I really need or want. The Amazon Wish List is KILLER. You can put anything you want on there. It doesn’t even have to be on Amazon. Any web link will do just dandy. Ork as for an Amazon Prime Subscription…if that is too costly an Amazon Gift card.

I can ALWAYS use socks. My friend asks for these really expensive WONDERFUL socks every year, Yes, they cost $10-$20 a pair, but he loves them, they last, and they keep him super warm. Good present. I enjoy knowing my present will get thanks every day.

You could also ask for bathroom towels. I always seem to need those. I was running low on soup bowls one year…broke a ton of them, and when my cousin asked what I wanted for my birthday I said, “Soup Bowls.” She wanted to know what kind. I told her to give me something that she herself would use. We now have these adorable LOW soup bowls I never would have thought to buy, and they are perfect. I got turned on to something brand new.

Another AWESOME present is a Car Wash. Give me a card for 6 car washes, and I am actually excited to go and get my car washed. Such a great present. Movie tickets or a restaurant gift certificate are GREAT excuses to go out for once.

I could also ALWAYS use pretty hangers or a pretty box or hat box to store my stuff. Frankly, I’ve got stuff.

If you just think about it, a present CAN be something you actually need or want and will TOTALLY enjoy!