Estate Clean Out

Call 2 Haul handles all aspects of your loved ones estate:

• Cleaning out, separating and organizing
• Help sell items though our consignment services, an estate sale or auction.
• Moving assistance
• Cleaning once you’re ready to list home for sale
• We can even help you get your home sold. We work with a group of people that purchase homes… Just ask our customers! We have cleaned out homes and had them sold within the same week!

We know how hard it is to sort through a loved one’s estate. Let us help guide you through it. We can be the ones you lean on when you are not sure of something. We can help you evaluate what you want to keep and what you can let go.Before and After Estate Clean Out

3 AMAZING quick ways to clean

dishwasherPut everything you can in the dishwasher. Stuff you think will be safe. For legos put them in a laundry bag you normally use for your delicates in the washer.




sponge in microwaveIf you put a wet sponge in the microwave for two minutes on high you disinfect the sponge and leave the inside of the microwave damp. Just wipe out the microwave. Be CAREFUL taking the sponge out-it is VERY hot.



blender AMAZING and simple idea to clean the blender. Hot water and a little soap and TURN it on. Rinse.

Letting piles of “paper” go

pile of magazinesI used to save every magazine that had something good in it. A great recipe I wanted to try, a mosaic frame I wanted to make..the list was huge, and so was the pile. Pinterest changed that for me. Watching a movie (okay like 3 movies truly) I went through all those magazines. Things I still liked I snapped a picture of it and uploaded to pinterest.  Wow. Everything in one spot and labeled by folder.  If pinterest and taking those pictures is too much for you then just tear out the pages of the things you want and put them all in one folder. Done. Bet the pile got much smaller!

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