Purging your home of STUFF OR “Spring Cleaning 101”

Organized DrawerIf you ever have the option to do this as a family I wold say, “Have at it.” Everyone can be in charge of his or her own space. If you have little kids get them motivated to have a donation box so that some other little kid can have some toys too.

I have found that music is amazing at helping in a purge or just a good cleaning of my home. Upbeat, happy music keeps you moving. If it is a nice day, open a few windows and set a timer. Timers keep you from getting bogged down. If something is gong to take FOREVER (like a crammed file cabinet) do that another time- perhaps watching TV doing a few folders at a time) INSTEAD go for the bigger picture with  a purge. Truly the hardest part is to START.

Am I using this?

Have I worn it in the past year?

What have the kids outgrown?

Am I tired of it and tired of dusting it?

For some reason I currently have 5 pitchers which is CRAZY because at most I ever use is 3, and even that is a rare occasion.

How many extra worn out towels do I need?  Purging the linen closet is a favorite of mine. How many super SAD sheets have I saved? I do keep lots of pillows for people sleeping over (especially kids!), but I try to make sure everything is in good condition.

Keep in mind that you are limited to the space you have. You actually want to see some space. When my closet is packed I know I have a problem. I need to donate some stuff or call Call 2 Haul to come take it away. You don’t  need everything you have. Think TIME and ENERGY. Is the item worth cleaning and maintaining? It might not be.

And in the end of cleaning: have some space left over.