Cinco De Mayo -5 Things to Clean and do every day

As we celebrate today I was thinking of 5 tips to organize, and it is truly stuff we can do in a couple of minutes a day and it makes such a difference!CincO De Mayo Clean

1. Sort the mail every day. Deal with it. Rip off all your addresses on all the junk and shred them. Things that can now be sorted go to bills or the magazine basket and so. on. Immediately put what you don’t need in the recycle bin.

2.  Wipe down the counter every night, clean out the sink You will be so glad you did in the morning.

3. Make the bed.

4. Straighten up. Yes just walk around and straighten. Bring a basket to pick up things that are in the wrong room, and take the stuff with you. Now thing are where they are supposed to be.

5. Try to clean up one area or section a day. Don’t do it all at once. You will be surprised how much cleaner your house can look.

And remember-if there is stuff you don’t need please call Call2Haul and we can take it away. 🙂