Tackle the Clutter

Junk drawer organized

Freeing up space gives you more place to live and do. The more clutter I have, the more I have to clean. It takes forever! So I started cleaning out drawers. One at a time and certainly not all in one day.

I take a drawer and take everything out of it. I l clean the drawer and only the stuff I actually use, goes back into it.  I have hundreds of paperclips, 8 screwdrivers and all kinds of oddball stuff in the junk drawer.  I started with that drawer because there were so many ODD things in it.  Much was not needed.

Only do one drawer or one space a day at most.  And keep in mind-once you have something organized, everything has a place, and everything has to go back to its appointed place in the future.

You will find it very freeing.