CRAZY with too much PAPER in your home?

organized foldersGetting the paper in your home ORGANIZED is tremendous once it is done. Getting there is a little harder.  You need boxes that can hold folders or even better a file cabinet. Buy the folders.  Get a nice Sharpie to write with.

I have a big coffee table so when I first started sorting the MESS I turned on the TV and started to sort.  I didn’t finish it all in the first hour I did it. Granted I had limited time, but what I did was sort what I had on top. Electric bills, Visa bills, Cable TV bills, Insurance bills all went into piles, and then I labeled some folders, alphabetized, and put them in the file cabinet.  When I sat down to watch a little TV, I did it again. I found warranties of items I don’t even own anymore.  It was very nice to toss out everything that was 7 years old (Taxman says 7 years so I went with that). Yes, it took weeks. Yes, I can now find a bill if I need to find it. That alone is quite thrilling as I DO NOT like looking for things.

Give it a try. Sort it. Use different colored folders. The colors make it fun.

And if you have a lot of magazines you are saving for a few articles inside-tear the articles out and start a folder for that.  And remember-most of that info is now on the web, and you don’t even need it as “paper” anymore.

Best of luck. Once it is organized you just need to remember to sort all your papers once a week or once a month. Trust me, it goes very quickly when it is already set up with folders for filing.