Donating Books to your local Library

books-1728x800_cThis is a great article concerning donating books:

Think about parting with books you no longer look at. If you are looking to downsize, books are something to give up if you don’t think you will read them again.  You could also get a reader like a Kindle and borrow books from the library that way.  You can explore the Free Library of Philadelphia HERE. If you have a Pennsylvania Library card you are eligible to be part of this Free Library.


Headphones and the ART of Cleaning

bluetoothDiscovered something when  I got a bluetooth. I now have 2 free hands when I am on the phone. If I don’t  fool around on the web while talking to someone I can pay more attention. I  do something mindless and CLEAN MY HOME. I dust. I organize. I start wash. I empty the dishwasher. Now when the phone rings, and I know I will be talking to my Dad awhile, I clean.

I wasn’t really paying attention, and before I know it I have cleaned quite a bit, and if I had done it without having fun on the phone it would have been drudgery. 🙂