Cut the Clutter

Shoes OrganizedWe lose a lot of time LOOKING for things.  And although it is hard to get started, if you can find a place for everything and keep your home organized it will save you time AND aggravation. When someone can’t find her sneakers, and we need to leave NOW all of us are stressed.

Have a spot where those sneakers are always supposed to be whether it is a mudroom, a hallway, bedroom – whatever works for you.  Stick to it. Don’t give in when someone is “too tired” to get something so simple done.  We want it to become a habit.  Keep in mind it takes about 2 weeks for something to become a habit.

Just clear a space at a time. Don’t try to do your whole house at once or you might fail.  Trust me. It is a big job. Try to declutter your own stuff first if you can. That means your closet, your toiletries, your purse – any place that has  lot of your stuff.  Once you start you will be better able to help others especially your children.

basket of billsOnce you declutter a space it CANNOT be cluttered again. The kitchen table and counters are terrible in my house unless I address them every day. If everyone knows where the scissors are-make sure they are always in that spot. Ask around if you don’t see them where they are supposed to be. Toys go into the right rooms at the end of the day. If that is you cleaning it all up stop yourself and make it a game instead with the kids. 10 minutes to see how much we can get done. Do it after dinner so you don’t rile them up before bed.

Have a place for mail if you cannot just stand by the paper recycle bin and shredder when you go through it.  Bills and things that need to be addressed can go into a basket just for that.  Everyone has their own hamper in their room. Clothes that are dirty go in the hamper. No where else. If you want to wear something again – hang it up or put it away. The floor is not an option.

For little kids have a some baskets in bedrooms or playrooms or the living room -doesn’t matter where – just a spot where we can quickly put all the toys in that room away.  I don’t know about you, but I cannot bother sorting little kids toys to the exact right places because they will be all over the house again tomorrow. The only time it all gets straightened out is when we are figuring out we are donating because we have outgrown some toys.