Cleaning One Drawer at a time

organized drawerThere is something to be said about taking one drawer in your kitchen and taking everything out of it. EVERYTHING. Then give it a good scrub. Dry it. And now the trick is to put everything that you need back NEATLY. I realize I have 5 wooden spoons in this photo. I probably need only 2 or 3, but when we are all cooking at the same time and a big pot of tomato sauce is rumbling I taste test a lot so 5 it is.

However-really look at your stuff. Some of my spoons were in horrible condition. They were tossed. More is not always better. It is nice to be able to see most things at a glance.  Finding things quickly saves you time and saves you stress.

One drawer at a time.  The dollar store has plenty of little bins to help you organize.