Enjoying your FREE time (I KNOW! What Free Time?)


I have a cousin with a lot of kids, and yes the kids’ rooms are a little scary, but she feels that is their domain, and if they want to live messy, they can.  They are all over 10 years old and have cleaned their rooms so they understand the concept. They just don’t care about the concept. And it isn’t all of them, just some of them.

I digress.

After much time and effort she has everything in its place in her home.  The kids know everything has to go back where it belongs after they are done using things. She also has a tremendous 20 minute straighten with them all around 8p every night.  She finds that if she personally makes her own bed and has the kitchen clean and the coffee READY TO GO at night,  in the morning she wakes up much happier, and her made bed makes her reluctant to crawl back into it.

Start with one drawer in the kitchen. At least be able to find the scissors and be relentless about everyone doing this. If you can find stuff you don’t waste time looking for stuff.  You will be surprised how much time that frees up for reading, or TV or some yoga.