Getting your Kitchen organized

tension curtain rodsWe are all different so what might work for you, might not work for me. You just need to find what helps you and do it. Keep doing it because it CAN become a habit.

For the kitchen, try to store things where you use them. I know when I moved I had to rearrange the cabinets a few times to get it just right. I keep small appliances I use every day like the toaster and coffee maker on the counter. Small food grinders, blender and rice cooker are lower down because I don’t use them every day.  I keep the pie plates high EXCEPT in the winter when I make a ton a pot pies for dinner.  If you use your slow cooker often, keep it in an easy place to grab. Whatever you use the most (dishes and glasses) store at eye level.

Another thing I have found that makes things easier is see through containers.  It has turned into quite a time saver especially for a family always experimenting making bread. And the kids can find treats easily. We have a lot of dried nut and fruit blends, and everyone is particular.

I do not have a skinny cupboard for platters and cutting boards. HOWEVER I have discovered that with some tension curtain rods I can create. It is AMAZING! So much easier to grab.

Think about decluttering your kitchen yearly. And look for items that are no longer in good shape.  Wooden spoons do not cost that much so replace them when they start to look scary.

Thoughts on decluttering

declutterFind a place for everything. It is a dandy way to know what you actually need.

There is a great way to declutter your closet where you turn around all the hangers in the closet and after 1 year, whatever clothes are on the hangers  NOT turned back around are donated to charity.  The same can follow suite with kitchen items.  You don’t need 5 platters, ya know?  Pick what you like the most and keep it. Duplicates and extra kitchen items can go.

Don’t keep things out of guilt.  This is a tough one. See if someone else in the family would like something you have especially if it has been handed down through your family. Perhaps YOU personally don’t have to be the holder of all the antiques and  family heirlooms.

Best of luck with keeping everything in its place.