How to Declutter BEFORE you move

shelving-only keep what you needYou are moving! An exciting and scary time. If you break it down piece by piece it will not be so overwhelming.  I have always thought moving was exciting. My husband thinks it is a nightmare.  We have moved many times. I have one invaluable tool to help me move.  I declutter before I move.  I get to start fresh.  I don’t need to keep everything.  I need to look at it with a fresh eye or with a friend at my side thinking with me.

Think about things that NEVER get used.  A rice cooker, a juicer, 20 old mugs that just sit in the back of the glasses cabinet. I owned about 100 baskets.  Yes, I like baskets, but unless I REALLY liked it and used it, it is gone. I am down now on the latest move to about 30 baskets. I do actually use them to store a lot of items, and I own a bunch of square ones.

Think about packing-you have to like something enough to not only pack it, but unpack it. I don’t need a lot of things I thought I did. Think of it as a purging. You get to start a home with nothing already decided as to where your items will go. It is a clean slate. I only keep the things I love or use all the time.

Keep in mind-no one ever said you have to keep everything you have bought or were given as a present.  We change. Our lives change.  We get bored. We change the color of our walls, why not the stuff in our house?  And as I get older I realize I don’t need so much stuff.  I keep the stuff around that makes me smile. I let the clothes go that I no longer wear.  No man needs 50 T-shirts (mine thinks he does).  Value what you have. Don’t keep what is shabby unless you love it.

Donate everything unless you have the energy for a garage sale or Ebay.  Good luck and enjoy your new space.

What do I love?