How many bottle openers do you need?

bottle openerI am thinking you need 3 bottle openers at most.  The rest need to be donated. I start with bottle openers because I still had one that didn’t work anymore-it was worn down.  I am cleaning out the kitchen drawers. You might want to do it too. It is amazing how many things I have that I NEVER use.  If you have tools that do get used, keep at least two in case one breaks.  The rest need to go into the donatation box.

I also noticed I have about 10 mixing bowls and use the same 4 over and over again.  The rest are gone now. It is amazing how much space you create by letting stuff go.

If you find that you don’t use the rice maker, the breadmaker or the slow cooker, think about letting them go too.  What do you prepare for meals?  What pieces in your kitchen are needed? Keep everything you have used in the past year. The rest can go.

cookbooksAnd if you have a ton of Cookbooks that you never use except for that one recipe…keep the recipe and donate the book. I have 3 books now. I used to have 15. I keep the recipes I want in a little box. Eventually I will get them onto my kindle and won’t need the books at all. Most recipes can be found on the web now so having extra books is taking up a lot of space.

Bon appétit!