Kid’s Storage Ideas

basket to store toysStoring kid’s toys can be a chore, but it also can be fun if you can get it set up so that it is simple. You also have to accept that toys are going to show and there are always going to be some out.  If you have that mindset it is a much easier task.  My very favorite way to store toys quickly is to have a large pretty basket in every single room of my home.  This made a quick cleanup so easy. I just tossed all the toys in each room into the basket there.  I found it to be very stress-free.

lego storageLegos are a world all their own.  I tend to sort by style brick, but by color is a very easy way to sort.  Keep them organized and there will be hours more of fun. And keep one draw free for all the odd pieces and all the wonderful people.

In a bedroom or a playroom a central spot for a lot of toys is a great idea.  Remember to keep things LOW.  You cannot make a game of cleanup if your children cannot reach the containers. Sort by like types.  It teaches at the same time.

I could not resist this lovely way to store books instead of using a book case. What fun. And the wagon can be used outside as well.

kid storagebook storage