Cutting down on plastic

mesh produce bagI was at the grocery store and had run out of my string bags.  At the checkout the plastic bag I used for the apples broke, and they spilled out.  I am now ordering 9 more bags because 3 is just not enough.

I am talking about mesh produce bags. Whole Foods used to sell them, but I haven’t seen them anymore. I have resorted to Amazon, and they have a ton.  Let me tell you, once you use the mesh bags it is REALLY hard to go back.  You help the environment and get yourself some bags that last for years, and they are sturdy.  Just like when you switch to good cloth bags for grocery shopping.  Nothing breaks.  You make less of an environmental impact.  Just remember to keep them in your car.  And that means once your food is stored, you either put the bags back in the car immediately or you put them by your wallet or purse so you bring them to the car the next time you head out. The hardest part about the bags is remembering to keep them in the car.