Organizing the Coat Closet

Hall ClosetHall Closet, I know, scary right?  This closet tends to be a catch all when it is really for  coats. Generally this is by the font door or the back door, and this is not for sports items or bags or any other nonsense we put in there. Right now I have two coolers in mine.

First I take everything out.  I mean everything because the dust bunnies are hard at work. Dust. Wipe down the shelf and floor.  Put back the boots that FIT and you WEAR.  If you don’t wear it there is no reason to keep it.  Kids coats  are outgrown. Boots are outgrown.  Mittens are outgrown.  Look at every piece you put back. Is it clean?  Will it be worn?

In the spring when you are sure winter is over so RIGHT NOW is a fabulous time…put all the gloves and mittens that still have mates in a big basket or box on the shelf.  Throw out or donate any hats or scarves you are honestly done with.  At this time you can store snow boots up high as well.  Keep the rain boots on the floor.

This closet can have seasons just like your clothing closet.  It is amazing to actually have some breathing space in a closet. Everything is easier to see. If you have the luxury of redesigning your hall closet like the photo here, go for it. It truly makes your life less stressful.