Garage Organization

Garage Storage for active family

Great point on houzz this week. If you have something bulky there IS a way to store it.  So if your garage is a catch all think about making it beautiful with a place for everything. Just make sure you KNOW you don’t have to redo your whole garage in one day. It can be incredibly daunting.  Small pieces-sections are the way to go unless you know there are things you can get rid off.  Call 2 Haul can haul away just about anything you don’t want or need anymore.

Thank you Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity ReStore

Habitat for Humanity makes a difference!

Thank you for the special shout out on facebook this past Sunday!

“Thank you to Call 2 Haul for their continued support of Habitat Lehigh Valley ReStore and Habitat Lehigh Valley. Brandon and his team and are changing the lives of families right here in the Lehigh Valley by choosing to donate goods to the Habitat Lehigh Valley ReStore! Thank you Call2Haul!! We appreciate you!”

We appreciate all you do Habitat for Humanity ReStore!

Habitat for Humanity

How to Downsize a Collection

angelsI had a collection of angels. I am talking about 70 angels that started with a few angels that were my grandmother’s.  It grew through the years. Family and friends gave me many of them.  When I went to move a third time I really started to look at what I had in my house, and I realized a COLLECTION actually only has a few pieces that are amazing.  Probably under 10. I was surprised, but it becomes clutter at some point, and many pieces are just OK. Only keep the fabulous ones.

Fabulous pieces are the ones you really like, and they will make a beautiful well placed collection when there are only a few.  If you are thinking about storing the collection that is a great sign that it is time to let them go.  Keep the pieces that have meaning, the rest can be donated.