Declutter your Makeup

beretsYes. You heard right. I was thinking about areas of the house that make me a little crazy.  Makeup, brushes and combs, hair berets and the like can become very unruly in my house.

Buy those little dollar store bins that all go together and come in different sizes.

Make a drawer or drawers designated just for your stuff.  Put everything on the counter. All of it.  I know it will look crazy.  After I wiped out the draw I was going to use, I realized I had about 10 combs. I use 2.  7 are leaving. I kept 3.  Realize that all those ponytail holders loose their elasticity over time.  Stretch each one out-if it stretches too far-chuck it out.  Also if you don’t wear your hair in a certain style any more-let those items go as well. I have berets with my name on them. I won’t be wearing them ever again. 🙂

Clean the combs and brushes.  Put them in either warm soapy water (shampoo is fine!) or in white vinegar.  Soak for 1 half hour,thoroughly rinse and let air dry.

Makeup does not last forever. I do manage to buy a new mascara every 3 months, but everything else can hang around for years and that is not healthy for your skin. Keep in mind, when you buy something, use a sharpie and put the date on it. I know crazy, right? So simple! Eye pencils are generally safe to keep for up to two years. Eye shadows up to a year. Lipstick up to 1 year. Liquid blush up to a year, Powder blushes up to 2 years. Foundations and concealers up to a year. Keep in mind-if you keep your brushes and sponges clean that will make the makeup more sanitary.

It is a GREAT feeling to have this space organized!