Sorting through Memorabilia

boxes of stuffMemorabilia is a double edged sword. It can be very emotional, and some of those emotions are bad.  I am in the process of opening and sorting through a great deal of things that have been given to me, inherited or kept since I was a kid.

I find I can only do about a box at a time, and then have to walk away. The bad news is some stuff really bothers me (The is the stuff you GET RID OF), and other things make me smile ear to ear.  So let your emotions come into play. If something has you feeling bad or neutral, ask your self-do I give it to someone who will appreciate it, throw it away or donate it? Make yourself choose and move through the stuff you don’t like quickly. Set aside everything you love or like and want to keep.  You might part with it later in life, but now is not the time.

I will tell you if you are able to get rid of something that is useless or leaves bad feelings, once you start it becomes very freeing. I may have to do it one box at a time, but I am making headway.

And don’t forget, if you think it is worth something, look it up on the web. Most times it is not worth much of anything, but sometimes you find a nugget here and there.  If you do-out it on Craig’s List or Ebay and get that process started. If you don’t sell it in 3 months-lower the price or get rid of it.  We are going for peace of mind decluttering so please don’t go crazy with another pile of stuff to do. If it doesn’t sell, it is gone.