Don’t Deep Clean before Thanksgiving and here’s Why

Thanksgiving Table DecorDeep Cleaning before 10 people come to your door might not be the smartest use of your time ESPECIALLY if little kids are coming.  Now I say that knowing you clean your home regularly.  If you are like some people I know who won’t clean their house until someone comes over THIS IS NOT FOR YOU.  You guys really need to clean your home. For the rest of us it is a time to enjoy our family and friends and your home is going to get a bit messy with a number of people milling about.  Let it. Don’t let it stress you. Don’t sweat the small stuff before they arrive. Being in a home that is well used and loved is what it is all about.

Here is what you do:

Wipe the counters down.


Dust the living room and dining room. Straighten and arrange the pillows on sofas and chairs.

Clean the bathrooms well-including the floors.

bowl of mintsPut small bowls of individually wrapped mints in the bathrooms.

Turn on lamps instead of overhead lights.

Clear a place for coats, purses and hats-closet or bedroom.

Get out the toys for kids if you keep a supply handy and don’t have any small children of your own.  If you do have your own-make sure your kids put away the stuff they don’t want other people touching.

Run the dishwasher even if it is not totally full. Thanksgiving is a time when you want it completely empty.

And while you cook on Thanksgiving, try to clean up as you go. Enlist someone to dry as well so you have room for more stuff on the drying rack.

Simple Thanksgving decorAdd something fun to the decor for Thanksgiving. Something simple like orange paper napkins or a few Reese’s Pieces scatters about pn the table. A handful of fall leaves on the table scattered. Spray them with hairspray and they should not crumble. Spray 3 times.

Background music is always nice.

And lastly…have a wonderful time! Happy Thanksgiving!



Declutter the Papers

Paper piles can be kinda scary.  If you let a week of mail go by, the pile is huge ESPECIALLY in a presidential election year.  I have started sorting the mail at the paper recycle bin.  Other than taking off all the address which I know I have to shred. Most of the mail never even gets into my house.

If you can manage to deal with paper the moment it comes into the house-whether it is school information, mail, newspapers, magazines..all the the stuff that comes n, make sure you have a place for it. I have a a two drawer file cabinet, and there is a folder for everything.

No, I don’t file very day. I have one drawer in the kitchen that the stuff ONCE it is gone through once and has been deemed keepable, goes into. So for about a month or two I don’t file anything. I find out it works to my advanage because sometimes I do need to look at something a month old. I might have to compare a bill or find a card someone sent.  Once the drawer is full. I file everything and start again.

At the end of the year (or more like January)) I go through every file. I get the tax papers together. The write offs. Cards I decide I want to keep go into a new folder.  That folder is the year.  Once I get the taxes done, They go at the beginning of that folder.  It is rubber banded. It is a rather FAT file, but it is all there. The rest of the bills and the like that I don’t need, I shred.

It took a while to get this pattern, but it is so good. And so FREEING.