Declutter the Papers

Paper piles can be kinda scary.  If you let a week of mail go by, the pile is huge ESPECIALLY in a presidential election year.  I have started sorting the mail at the paper recycle bin.  Other than taking off all the address which I know I have to shred. Most of the mail never even gets into my house.

If you can manage to deal with paper the moment it comes into the house-whether it is school information, mail, newspapers, magazines..all the the stuff that comes n, make sure you have a place for it. I have a a two drawer file cabinet, and there is a folder for everything.

No, I don’t file very day. I have one drawer in the kitchen that the stuff ONCE it is gone through once and has been deemed keepable, goes into. So for about a month or two I don’t file anything. I find out it works to my advanage because sometimes I do need to look at something a month old. I might have to compare a bill or find a card someone sent.  Once the drawer is full. I file everything and start again.

At the end of the year (or more like January)) I go through every file. I get the tax papers together. The write offs. Cards I decide I want to keep go into a new folder.  That folder is the year.  Once I get the taxes done, They go at the beginning of that folder.  It is rubber banded. It is a rather FAT file, but it is all there. The rest of the bills and the like that I don’t need, I shred.

It took a while to get this pattern, but it is so good. And so FREEING.