Letting go of Christmas Ornaments

christmas ornamentsSome people are all about tradition and will keep putting up a Christmas tree, decorations and lights year after year. Others will stop once the kids are out of the house.  Others will realize at some point that it is all too much or will move to  a smaller home. Whatever the reason. many people  decide to let Chrsitmas  ornaments, lights and decor go.

christmas ornamentsIf you hit that point and you have children or grandchildren ask first if they want anything you want to part with.  Some may have very intense feelings for certain pieces or may even want it all due to nostalgia. Ask JUST in case.

You may end up keeping just a handful of favorite items and decorate once space in your home.  You might consider putting all your favorite ornaments on a wreath and keep them that way.

If you no longer host Christmas at your home, don’t feel you have to decorate. Christmas isn’t about the lights and decorations unless you make it that. I find it to be a reflective time of year with some thoughts being joyous and others sad,  Christmas is what you want it to be and if putting up a thousand lights stresses you out, then don’t do it.

Merry Christmas from Call 2 Haul

Simple Ways to Prepare for Overnight Holiday Guests

Holiday guests can be fun and exciting.  Holiday guests can be stressful. It depends a lot on you.  It depends on how you decide to look at it. If you don’t have loud abrasive people coming, then just take a step back and relax. Prepare ahead of time and try to go with the flow.  Live in the moment if you can.

Simple ways to prepare:

  1. bathroom essentialsChange out the toilet paper rolls for full rolls. Provide clean extra towels in the bathroom or guest bathroom.  Small hand towels and face clothes are nice too. Make sure the bathrooms are clean. Keep toiletries in  plain site. Items in a basket on the counter is perfect. And make sure there are plungers under the sinks!
  2. Go to the travel section of a store and pick up small shampoos, soaps, shaving cream, toothpaste, tums, aspirin, mouthwash and tooth brushes. If you have the luxury of a guest bathroom clean out knickknacks  so they have room for their stuff on the counters.
  3. In the guest bedroom, write down the wifi password on a card and leave it on the dresser.  Change the sheets. Make sure this room is clear of knickknacks as well.  Have a tissue box in the guest room, and perhaps a clock.  If you have a TV in there, make sure the instructions are in there as well if it is complicated. If you have a list of basic channels, that would be great too. Provide a few different pillows.  Hard and soft pillows on the bed will probably give them what they need.  Mix it up. And have an extra blanket on the bed at the bottom. Make sure there is room in the closet with empty hangers. Suitcase stands are wonderful. Suitcases are much easier to access if up higher than the floor.
  4. guest roomProvide a set of spare keys to the house. If they might need your car, let them know where the keys are located. Make sure they have your phone numbers.
  5. Make sure there are nightlights in the halls, bathrooms and kitchen.
  6. The refrigerator should have a nice mix of drinks. If you don’t know what they like try water, juice, a couple of types of beer and wine coolers, milk and half and half. Red and white wine should be available as well..
  7. If you will be serving meals think about making something ahead of time. Something you can pop in the oven. Have snacks in the pantry and  fresh fruit on the counter.  Make sure the coffee maker is ready to go. Have tea available.
  8. Make sure there is room in the hall closet for extra coats.
  9. Plan some excursions.  Find things to do together especially if they are from out of state.  Show them what is fun in your area.
  10. Have fun!