What would you Replace?

If you lost everything, what would you replace?

We know you won’t be able to replace photos if you lost everything, but of the STUFF in your home what would you replace?

For example I realized I had 3 complete china sets from my Mom and Grandparents. I kept one, gave one to a sister and one to a cousin.  If you want to keep sentimental items that are FAMILY then spread them out among your family if you can.

I don’t like the way my rice cooker spits water so why do I keep it? I do not know! I need to let it go. If you can, store as little as possible. Yes we know you need the holiday stuff and perhaps a switch out from winter to summer clothes, but a lot of things we don’t need to keep because  we rarely use them. Like my punch bowl. I will sell it at a garage sale. If I need one, I can borrow it frodonatem a neighbor. I lend out my card table and chairs all the time for the same reason.

Perhaps keep a box or a drawer set aside to put things that you will be taking to a charity. Once it is full, stop by the charity and get your tax receipt. Or start some boxes for your next garage sale. If you don’t like doing garage sales a gift to charity is a nice tax write off.

Good luck!

Don’t put it down, put it away

clutterI live with a guy who likes the counter clean.  I, OF COURSE, dump everything on the counter. I have learned to dump it on the counter, but before the end of the day, I put everything on that counter away.  It is fabulous to wake up to a clean space.  Things you need and use have a “place” to go.

I have taken to opening the mail above the paper recycle bin. Zowie. Does that project go fast! I keep what  need. Tear off the addresses and take those to the shredder. Mail done in minutes. It used to become a giant scary pile on the counter.