Holiday Decorations

JOYHave you been saving all the ornaments and all the holiday decorations since you got your own place? It might be time to re-evaluate.  Look at each piece-is it a favorite? If not you might want to give it away now so someone else can use it this year.

I realized I was saving EVERYTHING, and then one day my friend Jayne’s outdoor icicle lights went. Of course it was just one strand in the middle. I had the exact same kind so I gave her a strand. And as I started to TRY and find a place for everything, I realized it was really very cluttered and unnecessary.  Jayne ended up owning all of my strands of icicle lights. I started to pick out my favorites. I ended up with a large pile of stuff I really didn’t need anymore and off it went for a donation.

My home has never looked better. Each item I saved is something I treasure. It makes me smile.