A 5 minute Rule

TimerGuess what you can get done in 5 minutes or less?

A LOT more than you think.  I have timed a lot of daily duties, and I am always amazed at what I can get done in UNDER 5 minutes.


mail that letter

toss the junk mail

wash pet’s food bowl

sweep the fornt step

empty the dishwasher

start a wash

fold a basket of laundry

put laundry away


marking a date

wiping down the kitchen table

straighten up the counter

clean  a bathroom mirror

make the bed

wipe down your purse

wipe off the front of the frig

clear out a produce drawer of spoiled food

mop the kitchen floor with a sponge mop-just get the bad spots

clean the door handles in the house

clean the light faceplates

sweep the floor or Swiffer it

clean the microwave-first put your WET kitchen sponge in there for 2 minutes (that is now sanitized), and you will be able to just wipe down the microwave because of all of the moisture in there

empty all the trash bags in the house into a bag

I should probably start watching TV in real time again. That is when I used to get all of this stuff done!

If you can take a few minutes to declutter and straighten, your mind will be ready for a bigger project. That includes work and home.