A GOOD Junk Drawer

Junk Drawer

Junk drawers are indispensable  in a well organized kitchen.  They hold the odd stuff that I actually use often.  If you are able to find some great sectional pieces it is incredible helpful. I have one that is actual a drawer on top so I get two levels for half of it so it saves a lot of space, and since they gave me stickers to show what goes where it has been amazing. Everything has it’s place.  You would be hard pressed to screw it up. I have a large junk drawer because that is just how I work. you might need such a big one.

Scissors, a Flathead screw driver and a Phillips screw driver are a must as well as tape and a tape measurer. Yes I have 3. Yes I know that is a lot, but they are all very different. Trust me, they are used all the time.  I even have a small level. It didn’t always ontaine what it does now. It has changed through the years depending on what we are doing, and how many people are in the house.

OH! And a tip. If you family is constantly losing scissors (we do) we now have 5 pairs of scissors. One in the junk drawer, one in with the pens and pencils, one in the kitchen drawer with the utensils and a pair at both desks.  I have never not found a pair of scissors since I gave into this concept.