Dealing with Sentimental Clutter

Children's Art

Good morning! There is a wonderful article about Sentimental Clutter HERE. I know first hand  how hard it is to deal with letting sentimental things go.  If you need someone beside you while you declutter after a death please let me know. I would like to help.

Usually it is good to do this in bits. Maybe 4-5 hours at a time. I will help you ask yourself the questions you need on each individual item if need be. We will sort through it. Many things can go to family members. Children’s art and photos can be converted to digital, and even though it is not exactly the same thing it is preserved to look at again. Often one special item can represent many.

Letting STUFF go

Keep Calm and DeclutterDo I love it? Do I use it? If you can go into one space at a time, even if it is just  drawer or a shelf you can ask yourself those questions. Have a box in the garage and slowly put things in there that you no longer need. Call to Haul is more than happy to come and pick up your discarded stuff for a reasonable price.

Great article HERE about how to begin!

Helping Parents to downsize

DownsizingThis is a great article about ways to help parents downsize or get rid of junk. Since it is usually such an emotional  experience don’t tackle the whole house at once.  Try doing a room or one area at a time. And if you can look at something, try to do it only once. Will this fit in the new space? Do we need it? Do we have enough dishes, pots and pans etc…
CLICK HERE for some great ideas. CLICK HERE for a more detailed read and print out.