Spring Cleaning – Switching out Winter and Summer Clothing

under bed storage

Is it really FINALLY Spring?  76 on Saturday!  It is amazing how rejuvenated we can feel with warmer weather and sunshine.  It always makes we want to start changing out winter clothes for summer clothes which is always a bit of a chore.

If you don’t have the luxury of enough closets for all your clothes like me, you have the summer clothing stored right now.  I get everything out and on the beds.  I start a pile of clothes that the kids have outgrown or are just too pilly and scary to wear.  It is not just the kids, my stuff included. Yes, I do have to try on some clothes to make sure they are ok or not, but I have discovered that if I stay on task I can get this project done in a couple of hours. I figure about a half hour to an hour per person, and if anyone else is helping it will go so much faster!

Start a donation pile.  Don’t forget all the drawers and your winter coat closet.  Take out all the summer clothes from one container and sort.  Once you have one empty-fill it with winter items including sweaters and the warm clothing.  One container at a time.  Otherwise there is a chance you will get overwhelmed and if you are interrupted and must take care of something else at least EVERYTHING is not EVERYWHERE.

Think about washing or dry cleaning outer winter garments before you store them.  This includes coats, hats, scarves and gloves. Coming back to these in the fall all ready to go is a great feeling and not stressful.

After experimenting I have found the under bed clear topped storage bins with handles are the absolute best.  I can see what is in there, and it is easy to slide out. If you cannot use under the bed storage-clear totes are tremendous as are shelves that go onto of your closet shelves. This picture shows it with potting supplies-however they can go allt he way to the ceiling in a closet and these interlock.  The space used is ALL the space. Great product. I have only found them in The Container Store. Try not to think of it as a chore. Think of it as creating space.

stackable shelves

New Year, New Space

New Year’s Resolutions are hard to keep.  If you go to a gym you see a surge in signups and classmates in January every year.  Most of those folks are gone by the third week of January.  It is HARD to make changes unless you really work at it.

Clearing clutter form your home is hard too. You are used to seeing your home a certain way. you may not picture it with more space and less to dust.  Call2 Haul can help ease some of the issues.  We need to help save the world, and a big way to do that is to NOT throw everything into a garbage bag.  It is tempting, but you CAN make a difference.  We can actually help.  Things usually need to be recycled, reused or repurposed.  We work with a number of companies that do just that.

Have hundreds of newspapers and magazines you did not throw out?  Don’t want to slowly put them out each week in the recycle bin?  We can take them for you and get them to the recycling center.

Clothing, old furniture, knick knacks that you no longer want or need…put what you can in a box and we will take it to Habitat for Humanity. They had a shop where they resell items and make money to help build houses and refurbish houses in the Lehigh Valley.  Big stuff? Just point it out and we will take it out of your home for you. We can also take appliances and kitchen items and donate them or get them where they need to go.

Cell phones, computers, TVs, the wires you have that you CANNOT figure out WHAT they go to, we can take those too and get them to the proper places that can recycle.

We think we take the edge off of getting organized.  You DO have to figure out what can go, but once you do, we can take it away in a trip or two.  It is very freeing not to have to load your old stuff into a car and take it where it needs to go.  We also like to recycle everything we can to keep things out of landfills.

Please call us if you need a pick up.  If the sorting is too hard and there is too much or you are cleaning out a loved one’s home, Jennifer can be there to help get you through this difficult process.  Call her.  She can help make the transition process easier. 855-896-4285.

Taking down the Holiday Decorations

Christmas BoxThis is it! Taking down the holiday decorations can be a bear, but this is the best time to get it all organized.  I actually broke down and bought new ornament boxes. I am not sure why I though the old cardboard boxed could last more than 25 years. LOL. Many of them are made much better than they used to. Wreath bags and boxes are tremendous as well.  You are going to spend a little money and get the easiest decoration take down ever.

First either put on a movie you enjoy or crank some tunes (especially if you will be working outside). Keep in mind that things break.  If you don’t want to fix it, throw it out. DO NOT save it and think you will fix it when you opened the box again ths coming December. You will not do it.  Anything you are tired of that is still in fine shape-donate it. I have held on to a number of thing that actually make me sad. CRAZY.  Donated.

Lights are easily wrapped around a  piece of cardboard.  A large clear storage container is ideal for finding the bigger items again in the order you want to take them out. Use what you need. Clear is a game changer and makes the whole process easier.

Ornament boxes will keep the ornaments safe and separated. Put like ornaments near each other as the sort becomes easier.

Fake trees should be stored neatly so it will be easy to get out at the end of the year. And real trees need to be disposed of per your municipality.

storage container