Letting go of Christmas Ornaments

christmas ornamentsSome people are all about tradition and will keep putting up a Christmas tree, decorations and lights year after year. Others will stop once the kids are out of the house.  Others will realize at some point that it is all too much or will move to  a smaller home. Whatever the reason. many people  decide to let Chrsitmas  ornaments, lights and decor go.

christmas ornamentsIf you hit that point and you have children or grandchildren ask first if they want anything you want to part with.  Some may have very intense feelings for certain pieces or may even want it all due to nostalgia. Ask JUST in case.

You may end up keeping just a handful of favorite items and decorate once space in your home.  You might consider putting all your favorite ornaments on a wreath and keep them that way.

If you no longer host Christmas at your home, don’t feel you have to decorate. Christmas isn’t about the lights and decorations unless you make it that. I find it to be a reflective time of year with some thoughts being joyous and others sad,  Christmas is what you want it to be and if putting up a thousand lights stresses you out, then don’t do it.

Merry Christmas from Call 2 Haul

How to Downsize a Collection

angelsI had a collection of angels. I am talking about 70 angels that started with a few angels that were my grandmother’s.  It grew through the years. Family and friends gave me many of them.  When I went to move a third time I really started to look at what I had in my house, and I realized a COLLECTION actually only has a few pieces that are amazing.  Probably under 10. I was surprised, but it becomes clutter at some point, and many pieces are just OK. Only keep the fabulous ones.

Fabulous pieces are the ones you really like, and they will make a beautiful well placed collection when there are only a few.  If you are thinking about storing the collection that is a great sign that it is time to let them go.  Keep the pieces that have meaning, the rest can be donated.

Why a Junk removal Company makes it even easier to Donate

dogs4If you want to donate items to the Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, Goodwill or you just want to recycle a lot of what is piling up at home Call 2 Haul can help. We take the SORT out of the equation for you because you can put everything in one spot, and we will do the sorting for you. Think time VS money.

A gift to a qualified charitable organization may entitle you to a charitable contribution deduction against your income tax if you itemize deduction. According to the Internal Revenue Service, a taxpayer can deduct the fair market value of clothing and household goods.

You may be thinking that a donation of more than $5,000 is a lot. But consider this, if you loose a loved one or someone moves into a nursing home and you, donate sheets and towels, furniture and kitchen utensils, that may be the most practical way of cleaning up. The total fair market value of a large donation like that could easily top $5,000. We obtain a tax receipt for you.

Because we really don’t want to throw any usable junk into landfills, we are constantly looking for places that will accept items we find on jobs. In our search, we have found community centers, local shelters, synagogues and churches can help us redistribute household goods, toys, books, clothes, shoes, appliances, and much more! When we are not able to find a local organization to take our donation, we try to donate directly to the people through online postings. Please email us and let us know if you know of a donation center in our area.

Here are just some of the items that we recycle and donate:

Appliances Books Cardboard Carpeting
Clothing Electronics Furniture Glass
Housewares Metals Paper Plastic
Styrofoam Televisions Tires Yard Waste

For a full list of what we take and don’t take please click HERE.