Christmas Wreath ideas

Christmas Wreath

If you have not discovered Pinterest yet, and you are looking for ideas for decorating you will find a huge selection of wonderful ideas. You do need to make an account to look, but you will find thousands of photos.  Today we are really digging all the wreathes for Christmas.

You can make a wreath from scratch or buy one, but I will tell you, if you have the time, there is great satisfaction in piecing together a door wreath. Christmas is an especially fun time because there are so many things available to create one. Wreathes are laborate, fun or whimsical- do what makes you happy.

Christmas WreathYes, those are beer caps.  What a great way to display a collection.

Christmas WreathChristmas WreathAnd if you are super busy this December and time is precious, a bell wreath is festive every time the door opens.

Christmas WreathMerry Christmas!