Declutter while watching TV


We all need to to hang out and watch a little TV. If you are in the process of decluttering your home OR you want to keep your hands busy so you don’t eat (I need my hands busy) I would like ot recommend decluttering while watching the television.

You could declutter old files and WARRANTIES. I bet a bunch of those warranties are for stuff you don’t even have anymore! I have also cleaned out your purse. Clean out and organize your email inbox!  Separate magazines and newspapers out of the piles under the coffee table and keep only the ones you want, straighten and organize the room the TV is in, alphabetize your CDs or DVDs or books, pull out the junk drawer from the kitchen and put everything on the coffee table. Clean out the drawer and organize it, go through the mail stack and clean it out. SHRED during the commercials.

Small projects go a long way. My old files took way longer than one night though and that might happen to you too. The TV shows make it go easier.