Fall Cleanup and Declutter

Gutter CleanupWhether you have relatives coming for the holidays or you are just getting ready to prepare your home for winter, the outside chores are not much fun as we say goodbye to summer.

Before you store the patio furniture, give the pieces a good scrub down with soap and water. If it can withstand a power washer, go for it. Clean and vacuum cushions.  Clean off the umbrella, and put it away. Power wash the birdbath so there is no mold or dirt. Don’t forget to clean the hammock before it comes in as well.  With wooden pieces you might want to oil them as they do dry out in the weather elements.

Drain and store your garden hoses, clean the gutters (ugh, right?) and check if you need to touch up exterior paint or caulk windows.

Fall is a great time to wash screens (you would be surprised how dirty they get), and if you are in a colder climate-store the screens for the winter. You will enjoy looking out clean windows without the screens. You will notice  more light gets in, and your view will be brighter.

And as always, if you old outdoor furniture or yard debris taken away, Call2 Haul is here. We are a phone call away.