How to Declutter Your Home when it goes up for sale

House for SaleOne of the most important things you need to do when you put your home up for sale is to declutter it. You need to “de-personlize” it to start, and that is actually not too hard. Personal, important things can be  boxed and labeled and ready to go to your new home. Think of it as packing ahead of time.

It also gives you the opportunity to purge because you do need to declutter the house so it looks inviting, not personal and it allows potential buyers to “see” their own things in there.  So if you don’t need something consider donating it. Consider your knickknacks….do you need them all? Do they all bring you pleasure? If not then let them go. Too many books? Too many dishes? Some things will look incredibly TIRED, and you might not even have noticed until you are looking at your home through a potential buyer’s eyes.

Most homes show better with less furniture. Remove what you can. Perhaps have Call2Haul come and get what you are ready to give up. Evaluate each piece. Also if you are cluttering up a shed or garage with things that need to be fixed or you left to tackle later, now is the time to purge and get that stuff out of there. You may find that once you start you may have a number of items that truly are trash or stuff that isn’t worth trying to resell or donate. That is where we come in. We can help you assess that STUFF, and take it away. We can donate what we can, recycle what we can, and then get rid of the rest.