Jewelry Storage

Jewelry Storage can take up a lot of room when done well.  I think I find the chains the most difficult because they are the best if just hung separately, but I don’t have that many hooks which means I probably have too many chains.

earring standEarrings can be hung in nice little rows on a stand. After awhile you will see how few pairs you actually wear. I do wear about 20 or so pairs HOWEVER I own about 50 or 60 pairs.  You don’t have to keep gifts. You don’t have to keep the odd man out if you don’t have an extra hole for it.

jewelry storageI do think the plastic storage boxes might be the answer for things you only wear some of the time AND a pretty dish to drop your everyday jewelry in is a splendid idea.

And truly think about getting rid of things you don’t wear.. Clutter is just CLUTTER, and if you take stuff you don’t wear to Good Will someone else might enjoy what you don’t like.