Letting go of Christmas Ornaments

christmas ornamentsSome people are all about tradition and will keep putting up a Christmas tree, decorations and lights year after year. Others will stop once the kids are out of the house.  Others will realize at some point that it is all too much or will move to  a smaller home. Whatever the reason. many people  decide to let Chrsitmas  ornaments, lights and decor go.

christmas ornamentsIf you hit that point and you have children or grandchildren ask first if they want anything you want to part with.  Some may have very intense feelings for certain pieces or may even want it all due to nostalgia. Ask JUST in case.

You may end up keeping just a handful of favorite items and decorate once space in your home.  You might consider putting all your favorite ornaments on a wreath and keep them that way.

If you no longer host Christmas at your home, don’t feel you have to decorate. Christmas isn’t about the lights and decorations unless you make it that. I find it to be a reflective time of year with some thoughts being joyous and others sad,  Christmas is what you want it to be and if putting up a thousand lights stresses you out, then don’t do it.

Merry Christmas from Call 2 Haul